With the introduction on the NBN, all phone services need to be moved to the NBN.

Our phone services allow you to make inexpensive phone calls anywhere around Australia or the world using our business grade quality network.

Ongoing call costs are significantly cheaper than using a traditional phone line.

Why make calls with Ace?

  • Instant savings on call costs
  • No need for a landline and its monthly rental
  • Phone plans
  • Great international call rates

Call Costs

If the country you are looking for isn’t in the table below, check the full rate table.

Call Type Call Cost (per minute) Flagfall
Local Calls (untimed) 14.5¢
National STD 5.5¢ 11¢
Mobiles 24.9¢ 11¢
1300/13 (untimed) 26¢
1800 (untimed)
United States 4.9¢ 11¢
United Kingdom 3.9¢ 11¢
New Zealand 8.3¢ 11¢
Japan 10.1¢ 11¢
China 4.7¢ 11¢

Critical Information Summary

To make it easier to understand our plans, we have provided a Critical Information Summary (PDF format) for our VoIP plans.

Important Information about Triple Zero (000)

We are required by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to advise:

Calls to 000 emergency services are not guaranteed in the event of a power or internet outage.  You should use a mobile phone.