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Ace uses TeamViewer to allow our technicians to remotely access your computer to provide technical support.

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Ace has a team of professionals with over 90 years of combined IT experience. From helpdesk, senior engineers and software developers to customer service and accounts. We can respond quickly to your IT needs and can provide sales, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance for the following services.

  • Server and desktop
  • Networking equipment
  • Software and backup solutions
  • Internet connections
  • Phone systems
  • Security and antivirus

Terms & Policies

Individual products or services may have their own terms and conditions as an addendum to the terms and conditions below. Please refer to the terms and conditions of those services. For general terms and conditions, please follow the links below.

Critical Information Summaries

Documents to help you understand your service better and assist if you have a problem:

Protecting our Customers

Industry Compliance

Ace Internet Services is compliant with Communications Compliance’s TCP Code. Communications Compliance(CommCom) is an independent compliance monitoring body which monitors the compliance of ISP(Internet Service Providers) and IAP(Internet Access Providers) to a set code. This Telecommunications Consumer Protections(TCP) code is a set of rules that aim to ensure the protection of consumer rights, promote good customer service and fair outcomes for consumers.

To learn more about what this means or to download a copy of the Code. Feel free to visit Communications Compliance’s TCP Code webpage at:

1300 360 979 (Main)
02 4861 8888 (Bowral)
02 9194 3030 (Sydney)
02 4089 0800 (Newcastle)
9:00am to 5:00pm
Closed all public holidays
ABN: 23 071 944 959

Head Office & Deliveries

Shop 4, 3 Victoria Street
Bowral NSW 2576

Postal Address

Locked Bag 4000
Bowral NSW 2576 Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

What hardware should I choose?

You don’t have to choose any! Ace supplies modems and routers with our services by default, and will help you to choose hardware that best fits your needs.

Generally we supply a modem router that supports 4 × Ethernet ports, Wi-Fi, and often has VoIP support built-in. You can see a range of modem routers we can supply from the Australian company NetComm Wireless.

We will also assist you with any warranty claims should you need a replacement.

Normal warranty for modems and routers is 12 months. Sometimes the manufacturer offer longer warranties if you register, so check inside the packaging on how to register your equipment.

AirStream services come with a lifetime warranty for the equipment we supply. Lifetime is for the time you have the AirStream service with us.

How do I check my Internet usage?

Ace provides you with a free tool to manage your spend and monitor your usage for AirStream and VoIP call costs via our Account Manager.

To check the Account Manager click on Console Login located at the top-right hand our website. Enter your username and password in the Account Manager Login section, and press the “Log In” button. The options are:

  • Services — Display a list of your internet services with Ace.
  • View Service — Display usage information for each service.
  • View Calls — Displays your unbilled VoIP telephone calls.
  • Change Password — Change your Account Manager password.

How can I check my e-mail while I’m travelling or away from my computer?

To use our webmail service, click on Console Login located on the top-right hand corner of our website. Enter your e-mail address and password in the section titled Coolmail & Hosting E-mail Login, and press the “Log In” button to access your e-mail.

What is offered with the Ace free technical support?

Ace offers extensive free technical support for issues affecting the smooth running of your Internet connection and related software. For example, we will address problems caused by poor telephone line quality and recommend further action if required. We’ll also help you use Coolmail. If you’re in doubt on any issue give us a call (02 4861 8888) or e-mail us at

Issues that go beyond technical support for an Ace service and enter technician work may incur a service fee. These include but are not limited by:

  • Setup of e-mail on additional devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, or other phones/tablets)
  • Reinstallation/upgrade of Internet Explorer/Outlook/Windows Mail
  • Backup of e-mail, favourites/bookmarks, address books and contacts
  • Other setup unrelated to getting your computer online with your Ace connection

Where can I go for Internet and computer tuition?

There is a local group in the area called The Southern Highlands Computer Users Group.

They offer monthly meetings and tuition is available to their members at a very reasonable cost. Their website ( contains information about their meeting times and locations.

I am experiencing connection problems. My connections drop without warning and sometimes I cannot login first go. What’s going on?

For NBN, connection troubles are commonly caused by poor line quality but there are many other factors which could be effecting the connection. If restarting the NBN modem doesn’t resolve the issue, you will need to call Ace for further investigation.

For AirStream, issues are far less frequent, but a good troubleshooting step is also to try to switch off all of your equipment (e.g. the router and radio receiver that we installed) and then switch it back on. If you still have issues, please contact Ace.

I need help setting up my e-mail.

For users, we have a handy guide designed just for you. Hosting (either Exchange or web hosting) customers will need to contact support.